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What Makes the 3 Series the Best Selling Used BMW

What Makes the 3 Series the Best Selling Used BMW

The BMW plant in Germany has turned out over 14 million 3 Series models at the last count, with the sedan comfortably leading the way in the BMW sales annals of fame. These high levels of new sales translate directly into some excellent pre-owned deals, with used buyers getting a huge amount of car for not a lot of money.


Why is the BMW 3 series such a consistent best seller at our Vancouver showroom, in both new and used versions? Read on to find out.


Great Driving Experience


The BMW 3 Series is strongly focused on the driving experience. Compact and controllable but with plenty of power under the hood, cars like the 328i make a real connection between driver and machine, unlike other brands where as much as possible is automated for a steady but thrill-free drive.


Stiffer suspensions than most brands give huge cornering ability, with taut turns and fast acceleration out of the bend, while not sacrificing the comfort for which the brand is renowned. Add in the advanced electronic power steering which gives excellent feedback, and the upshot is a highly responsive car that's great fun to drive.


High Performance

And of course, the great driving feel is largely down to the powerful engineering lurking under the hood of every BMW 3 Series. At a minimum, expect engines such as the standard 2.0L gas model pushing out 181 horsepower, rising through mid-range choices hovering around 250 hp, right up to the high-performance 3.0L V6 models heading north of 320 horsepower.


And if you're a devotee of diesel, high-performance options include 3.0L V6 mills putting out up to 309 horsepower for dependable performance in all conditions.


Surprisingly Low Prices

The high sales of new 3 Series BMW vehicles also means that there's a healthy turnover in the used market, as devotees upgrade to the latest model releases. While no one pretends that a BMW is ever an economy-price option, by buying used you can get yourself some excellent deals on a car with the exact specifications you're looking for. For high-end quality combined with genuine value, it's hard to beat a used BMW 3 Series.


The Future of Used BMW 3 Series Models

And while there's already a huge array of choice for top-quality used BMW 3 Series models, the future seems set to get even brighter. The latest version known as the G20 was released in 2019, with models now finding their way onto the pre-owned market. Built to a wider, lower design as well as using plenty of aluminum components for lightweight strength, the newest 3 Series has an ultra-low centre of gravity to improve handling even further.



The Used BMW 3 Series in Vancouver has consistently proven its worth, blending impeccable design with unmatched performance. As the city's streets come alive with an array of vehicles, it's the 3 Series that continues to capture attention, establishing itself as a best-seller. Whether you're seeking luxury or reliability, this model promises to exceed expectations, making it a preferred choice for many Vancouver residents.


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